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Building a property portfolio

Building a property portfolio ensures future wealth, as property is still the most solid long-term investment to make. But how is it possible to enter this market if you (a) do not want to take out a bond, (b) do not have enough cash for the deposit or (c) want to start small, but do not want to invest in an entry-level property?

At PQ2 Solutions, we have the solution to your property dreams. By joining our team of investors, we pool our resources to buy quality homes in good areas. Your investment buys you shares in the company and everyone enjoys the benefit of the income that is generated from the rental income and growth long term..

PQ2 Solutions is a Property Investment company based in Somerset West and we have been investing in property since 2017 as PQ2 Solutions. The directors have more than 20 years real estate experience to assist you at all times. 
quality home properties   Wealth is being created for all, at a pace
that satisfies everyone’s dreams.
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Our Mission
property shareholders - YOUR investment company working for YOU without YOUR daily input.
Our Vision
Creating real estate wealth for our children, and their children, in the future by owning, managing and letting out our own real estate
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Become a Shareholder
"Creating wealth together"
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