The Offering

With our "no bond" approach, we have successfully built a portfolio of 6 apartments and 3 garages to date - all  but 1 of these paid for in cash. Each of these properties yield a monthly rental income that can become a dividend payout to our investors in time. 

In conjunction with a reputable property rental company, Rental Recipe,  these properties are well-maintained and rental income is collected monthly. This way - as an investor - you do not have to concern yourself with the day-to-day management of the properties. Should we decide to sell a property, normal commission is paid over to the property sales agent.

To cover the running costs of the group, each shareholder contributes a small amount each month. As the group of investors grow, this amount can be decreased.

We are constantly on the lookout for good quality homes to buy at the right price. Each potential property is reviewed by the directors and interested shareholders before an offer is made.


PQ2 Solutions currently has 23 shareholders and a Board of Directors consisting of 5 directors, all shareholders. The shareholders share a vision for procuring, maintaining, improving and selling properties, to create sustained growth and profit long-term.

Each share holds an equal value in the property portfolio, but you can buy multiple shares. The shareholding price is reviewed regularly as property values increase.

PQ2 Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a registered company with registration number 2017/521082/07

The Board of Directors

Brian Duffield
Stephan Malan
Pam Stacey
Hannelie Duffield
Terry Williamson

Shareholder's ROI

As with any property investment, we take the long view to investing. Our aim is not to speculate with property by buying and selling in quick succession, but to build up a strong portfolio of valuable property over time.

Your return on investment can come in the form of dividends paid annually and increase in share price.

If you wish to sell your shares, it is bought back from you at the current value.

How to become a Shareholder

Becoming a shareholder is easy: We will arrange a meeting with you to look over the contract and answer any questions that you might have. Once you are ready to go ahead, we will sell you your shares at the current market price at a price agreed upon by both parties.

The rest is up to the PQ2  team. 

Shareholders meetings are held at least once every 12 months and monthly statements are available at your request. Your directors meet every second month and you may attend with permission.
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